God has brought me laughter ~ Genesis 21:6
Inherit the Mirth

Over a decade ago, Cuyler Black, a part-time youth minister at the time, was often buying resources in local Christian bookstores. He noticed that very few, if any, of the greeting cards in those shops had a humorous bent. Cuyler thought that was a shame.

Cuyler Blcak SmilingHe understood God to have a wonderful sense of humor and believed all Christians should as well. That humorous sensibility was being under-represented in Christian merchandise. The ensuing result has been Inherit the Mirth®, a line of greeting cards, calendars, t-shirts, posters, books and more, emphasizing the light-hearted side of faith.

Inherit the Mirth® will strive always to bring you fun, innovative and high quality products and programs. Above all, we hope to inspire you to put a smile on your faith and to live with joyous abandon in Jesus!