God has brought me laughter ~ Genesis 21:6
Frequently Asked Questions: General Site Help

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions! We won’t tell you how porcupines mate because that's not something you ask us frequently enough, but maybe you’re looking for an answer to one of the questions below. If it’s not there, please use our Feedback Form to e-mail us your question.

How can I find out if Inherit the Mirth® products are carried in a store near me?

Unfortunately, here at Inherit the Mirth® we don’t yet have locations information at our fingertips. Your best course of action is to call your local Christian bookstores and Christian gift shops and ask if they carry Inherit the Mirth®. Also, your local Christian bookstore or gift shop may be willing to special-order Inherit the Mirth® items for you even if they don’t currently carry them. And hey, if they don't carry them, ask them to start!

Can I get a catalog of Inherit the Mirth® products?

Yes. A complete full-color catalog is available at inheritthemirth.com in PDF format. It can be viewed online, or you can download it to your printer for a hard copy. It is updated regularly.

Can I order and pay over the phone?

Yes. Our toll-free number, 866-585-7031, will connect you to an Inherit the Mirth® representative who can take your order and assist you with payment by credit card.

How does offering youth group curriculum fit with the objectives of Inherit the Mirth®?

In terms of ministry value, Inherit the Mirth® has always attempted through its humor to convey the message that God enjoys laughter, and indeed created the capacity for it. It can be a liberating revelation for young and old alike. While we're serious about delivering Biblical truths through our curriculum, much of it is packaged in a light-hearted format to appeal to young people. Whether the particular topic is "heavy" or not, there is always an opportunity somehow to leaven the approach with a reminder that God is supremely a God of joy. Inherit the Mirth® is keen to help reveal the qualities of the Christian life, focusing on its inherent joy and light-heartedness, but filling out beyond that to provide a broader perspective for youth and their leaders.

I have a funny idea for a cartoon. Does Inherit the Mirth® accept freelance ideas?

No; although, we’re always glad to hear about others who enjoy expressing God’s gift of humor! The more, the merrier! We wish you well and hope your idea(s) find an audience.

Is Cuyler Black, creator of Inherit the Mirth®, available to speak at our church, youth group, conference or organization?

Cuyler truly enjoys opportunities to bring a fun, dynamic message to people everywhere. For more information, go to the top of any inheritthemirth.com page and click on the ITM Ministries link and then the sub-link Speaking Engagements.

Is it possible to sell your products and raise money for our organization?

Yes, we offer a Fund Raising Program. Please click her to read about our offer.